China has almost 1.4 billion people, 
a significant percentage of whom are already, or will become foreign property investors. This investment is projected 
to reach a staggering USD$220b by 2025.

Largest Cities

4 of the top 10 cities in the world by population are in China: Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and Guangzhou - which total 74 million residents.

Middle Class Society

As the low-income proportion of the population shrinks, around three-quarters will 
be defined as ‘middle income’ in just 13 years’ time.

Strong Investors

Australia is one of the most popular investment destinations for Chinese buyers. The average investment range in Australia is AUD$500,000 to $950,000.

The Great Firewall

Among many rigid regulations, the Chinese Government blocks many western websites and advertisers, making it a hard slog to access the Chinese audience.


China has a radically different culture to Australia. Doing business, communicating and even using technology in China needs to be completely different to enable trade between the two countries.


Language is the third major barrier, with many Chinese investors and Australian agents/sellers needing translation in order to work together. Even simple email enquiries can be a barrier to trade.

China Is A Digital Savvy Nation

With the highest rates of smart phone penetration in the world, the Chinese conduct their whole lives online - and in particular, on their mobile phones. This means to crack this enormous market, you can run a digital campaign from anywhere in the world

Chinese buyers are seeking properties within capital cities with solid infrastructure and strong capital yields and rental returns. And they’re searching for it online.  As with most property buyers, lifestyle plays an important factor – water or city views, superb location and quality finishes will command a premium with investors.

Client demand is the top driver of market choice, suggesting that Chinese investors, whilst relying heavily on their advisors and agents to actually purchase properties, are also doing their own research into the countries and projects they wish to invest in.

Why are Chinese buyers so interested in Australia compared to other markets?

China remains a powerhouse nation when it comes to international investment, accounting for a record $33b in foreign residential and commercial property investment in 2016.
Chinese buyers’ top goals are risk diversification and their children's education with Australia a very appealing destination in both these areas.

Despite a raft of new taxes, NAB chief economist Alan Oster said its residential property survey for the June quarter showed the share of foreign buyers in new property markets increased from 10.8 per cent to 11.6 per cent over the quarter.

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Top Reasons Chinese buyers invest in Australian property

Growing desire to upgrade to modernity

Strong home ownership aspirations

Family Roots & Social Status

Limited investment channels available in China

Essential marriage criteria

Stellar returns on investment

Investment security

Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities

Government restrictions

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