Personal WeChat accounts are a great communication tool, but they rely on talking to contacts you already know. The true power for the property industry lies in WeChat’s business tools. These are the tools that let businesses broadcast out to the enormous audiences using the app.

WeChat has two types of business (also known as ‘Official) accounts – a service account (used by Ecommerce and service based businesses) and Subscription Accounts – for companies sharing information and content – news sites, blogs and sites listing properties.

With these accounts, companies can run advertising campaigns, broadcast publicly accessible (and searchable) posts, buy and sell, and host mini websites and campaigns within WeChat.

Typically, WeChat doesn’t allow foreign companies to create business/official accounts that are visible in China. However, official Tencent partners and high value advertisers like Red Door can be exceptions to the rule.

Red Door is one of these ‘whitelisted accounts’, and we have put together a suite of products to help you get around the bureaucracy and beyond the Great Firewall.


Red Door WeChat products

Leverage the Red Door whitelisted, globally visible WeChat and Chinese hosted website for articles, WeChat mobile microsites, and campaign landing pages you can share with Chinese buyers.

Each article, mobile microsite or campaign landing page is a standalone piece of Chinese marketing collateral, promoting your property to your buyers using the medium they want – their mobile phones.

Red Door WeChat Article

Editorial article (in Chinese) posted to WeChat to the Red Door audience and available for reuse on your own account or in marketing collateral.

Red Door WeChat Listing

Skip the red tape and have your property listing hosted by the Red Door WeChat account. Provide a mobile optimised, Chinese campaign for your global clients.

WeChat Microsite

The power of WeChat is that users never leave the app. Create a mini mobile website inside WeChat to share to contacts & generate leads.

Influencer Boost

Boost your campaign by having a popular Chinese influencer talking about your property. In China, it’s all about referrals, they are more powerful than advertising.