China is a digital savvy nation.

With the highest rates of smart phone penetration in the world, the Chinese conduct their whole lives online – and in particular, on their mobile phones. This means to crack this enormous market, you can run a digital campaign from anywhere in the world

Chinese buyers are seeking properties within capital cities with solid infrastructure and strong capital yields and rental returns. And they’re searching for it online.  Chinese investors, whilst relying heavily on their advisors and agents to actually purchase properties, do their own online research into the countries, properties  and projects they wish to invest in.

When selling property to a Mainland Chinese and Australian Chinese you need to not just translate your content into their language, but use the technology they’re familiar with.

The two most effective marketing methods to cut through the noise are:

  • WeChat
  • Chinese hosted websites


Barriers in the digital landscape

The Great Firewall

Among many rigid regulations, the Chinese Government blocks many western websites, social media platforms  and advertisers, making it very hard to access the Chinese audience.


China has a radically different culture to Australia. Doing business, communicating and even using technology in China needs to be completely different to enable trade between the two countries.


Language is the third major barrier, with many Chinese investors and Australian agents/sellers needing translation in order to work together. Even simple email enquiries can be a barrier to trade.

WeChat: China’s app for everything

To market successfully in China is to be digital, and even more so, mobile.

WeChat has revolutionised communication, social media and online shopping in China. The mobile app is China’s everything digital for communication, shopping, social media, payments, taxis, customer service, ordering food and more.

A hybrid of iOS & a social media platform, there are over 900 million users (70 million outside of China – 3 million of which are in Australia) actively using the app every month to conduct almost every digital aspect of their lives.

In China, wherever you go, at all times of day, you will see people on WeChat. Many shops, services, restaurants and media platforms use WeChat exclusively to buy, sell and interact. If you don’t have WeChat, you can’t do much.

WeChat is now fast becoming the most popular chat app in the world.