Welcome to the ‘ultimate tool’ for selling Australian property to Chinese buyers. Because WeChat also has a payment function, a buyer can receive the contract of sale, sign and return it, then transfer the deposit, all from within the app.

Using WeChat to gain the ultimate success for a property requires a ‘bespoke off shore strategy’ or someone who can do it for you.

It’s good to set up WeChat on your phone and get started so you can familiarise yourself with the App. Firstly it’s a great idea to see who is already on there through your contacts on your phone. Setting this up is pretty similar to other social media accounts.

New contacts can be found using the Friend Radar feature or you can have a bit of fun and shake to meet random people not too far from you. It gives you a random person (who is also using Shake) to chat with. You can choose to chat with the person or shake again to get another random person.

Your Moments is another special feature that can be seen by all your contacts. You can also play online games with your contacts.

QR Codes

In China QR codes are everywhere and used for a wide variety of tasks.

WeChat’s mobile application has had an embedded QR-code scanner, so the millions of WeChat users don’t need to install any special app to have access to this functionality — they can simply take advantage of the preinstalled WeChat.

QR codes are basically a way to link the offline and online worlds. This means they have an absolute myriad of potential applications once people become used to using them. The Chinese public are now very comfortable and familiar with this technology.

The step-by-step process for setting up WeChat (with pictures): 



There are several different types of WeChat accounts for business:

Subscription accounts – one broadcast message per day.

Service accounts – up to four broadcast messages per month

Enterprise accounts – message and business tools but only available in mainland China.


If you would like to build a sales channel, sell property off-shore and market to the Chinese buyer. Please contact Red Door and we can assist in the process.